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Voice Acting

2009-06-24 15:32:53 by worldjem7

I'm interested in voice acting.

I've done some videos called "I suck at" where I use my own voice to do all the instruments and vocals. rldjem7&view=videos&query=i+suck+at

And I played Sonic, and the announcer for episode 1, in a discontinued series Super Smashed Super Show:

Episode 1 2P8Q&feature=channel_page

Episode 2

I feel the machinima doesn't really show my talents that well but, it's all I have so far concerning actual voice acting.

First post.

2008-11-21 02:52:21 by worldjem7

Not like anyone is going to read this anyway but, I was bored and wanted to see how this looked.

I enjoy music. I like a lot of the stuff I find on Newgrounds.

I like to try my hand at making music every once in a while. It's a hobby of mine.

If you like it then hooray if not oh well. I don't think I'll really be able to turn this into a career (at least not directly) but, I'll have fun with what I have.

I'm also looking to voice-act. So, if any flash artists see this and want to give me a chance then send me a PM.

Picture unrelated.

First post.